Born, raised, and working in New Haven CT. Graduated in 2019 with a BA in Art History from Lewis and Clark College in Portland OR. 


I learned how to take a photograph in a darkroom, not as a photographer but as a print maker. I work in darkrooms because they offer a space where images exist but aren't fixed, where the borders of document and art object fall away to greyscale. All of the black and white images were processed and developed as prints in a darkroom. You are viewing the scans of the physical print, not the film negative. 



This example portfolio website features the work of the following photographers:

Aiony Haust 
Ali Abiyar 
Ali Pazani 
Azamat Zhanisov 
Dmitriy Ilkevich 
Joe Robles 
Joren Aranas

Nathan Dumlao  
Oladimeji Odunsi 
Ospan Ali 
Sam Burriss 
Taylor Hernandez 
Vonecia Carswell

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